Photo: Miranda Sherman

Photo: Miranda Sherman

My name's Johnny.  In 2005 I picked up a guitar for the first time and have had a love for music ever since.  Throughout my adolescence I spent as much time as I could teaching myself about music theory, composition, and performance.  In high school I became involved in the world of audio engineering and even opened a small studio in my parents’ basement, where I began working with other bands and artists recording and producing my first few records.  Near the end of my high school career I began considering music as a serious career path and in 2013 I found a new vision of how I could apply my skills and talents in the world of music.  I started a band with a few friends and began running it as a legitimate business.  I spent the next few years learning about business management, marketing, merchandising, networking, tour booking, and much more.  In 2015 I moved to Chicago to finish my education in Music Business Management at Columbia College Chicago and immersed myself in the industry.  At only 23 years old I've gained experiences with a little bit of everything through a wide range of jobs, internships, freelancing, volunteering, or just my general passion for learning new things.  I bring a very diverse set of skills and unique set of experiences to the table and am looking to find my next passion in the music industry.  If you'd like to get in touch, have any questions, or would like to work together I'd love to hear from you!



Some Freelance services I offer:

  • Session Guitarist / Session Bassist (studio and live)

  • Songwriting, composition, and licensing (TV, film, video games, apps, etc.)

  • Tour management, stage management, merchandising, and general road crew work

  • Professional audio recording and production (studio and live)

  • Video editing and graphic work

  • Artist and band consultation/management (branding, social media, EPKs, website & mailing list creation, tour planning)