Digital Tour Bus is a full-fledged music media platform known primarily for its viral web series Bus Invaders, which takes fans inside of the buses of their favorite artists.  “Bringing You On Tour” is the brands tagline which embodies the company mission: to bring fans closer to the artists they love.

Since December 2015 I have been working for Digital Tour Bus as a video editor.  While editing videos for Digital Tour Bus I have worked with footage of many touring acts, including: Twenty One Pilots, Fifth Harmony, Machine Gun Kelly, Krewella, Machine Head, All Time Low, Bullet For My Valentine, and many more.

In addition to my general editing duties, my involvement with Digital Tour Bus has also included direct collaborations with the owner and CEO on special projects including studio recordings and crowdfunding campaigns.

Below are some samples of videos and episodes I have put together for Digital Tour Bus.

Gear Masters


Tour PRanks

Tour Tips (top 5)

crazy tour stories

pre show rituals

misc. videos