Ravinia, North America's oldest music festival, stands today as its most musically diverse, presenting over 140 different events throughout the summer. Ravinia is an internationally renowned, not-for-profit music festival that presents outstanding performances by the world’s greatest artists.

Throughout the 2018 festival season I worked as a merchandiser for both Ravinia and the artists who played the festival.  Some of the artists I sold merch for include, but aren't limited to: ZZ Top, Diana Ross, 50 Cent, Stephen Marley, and more.


While merchandising some of my duties included:

  • Counted in and out merchandise, kept records on quantities and sales, facilitated comps/adds/VIP, and assisted in settlement

  • Set up and tore down our merchandise area before and after park open/close each day

  • Sold for artists prior to, during, and post-performance every night

  • Helped guests find the right size/product they were seeking, answered general questions about merchandise, Ravinia, and artists, explained pricing and different purchase methods, and kept track of sales/inventory