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In 2013 I started a band, alongside a few friends, called The Great Divide that I played guitar (and studio bass) with until the start of 2016.  While working with The Great Divide I got my first real experience with business management in the music industry.  As the bands' de facto management, I learned a lot and oversaw all aspects of the business.  Aside from writing, recording, performing, and producing our music some of the useful tasks and skills I learned included:

  • Built the brand from the ground up
  • Music distribution and copyright/royalty filing
  • Created and oversaw marketing campaigns
  • Created budgets and handled all accounting
  • Lead and delegated the team
  • Tour booking and market research
  • Created and managed an effective web presence (social media, website creation, EPKs, mailing lists, ecommerce, content creation etc.)

I also handled miscellaneous tasks such as graphic design, animation, video editing, etc.