If you're in need of a road crew member, studio musician, or live session guitarist/bassist please contact me.

Since 2014 I have been working for bands both locally and nationally as a session musician, tour manager, merchandiser, and engineer. As a tour manager some of my responsibilities include:

  • Advance dates with venues and promoters to create tour itineraries

  • Prepare driving routes, day sheets, accommodations, and other logistics

  • Oversee all daily activities of the tour and personnel

  • Act as an intermediary party for the tour both internally and externally

  • Handle each show financial settlement and account all incomes and expenses

  • Fulfill additional duties including: merchandising, audio/lighting, technical repairs, driving, and practicing unlicensed therapy where required

As a session musician I:

  • Learn live performance material, often on short notice with little rehearsal time

  • Fill-in on guitar and bass for performances both locally in Chicago and across the country

  • Co-write and record music for artists either in person or remotely