UK Tech Fest Logo

UK Tech-Metal Fest is based on the vision of creating a festival centered around musical innovation, creativity and diversity. With the UK being the center of “Tech-Metal” we felt that the bands that made up this network needed a place to showcase their music. Tech-Fest was created in order to give a platform to the biggest and best upcoming bands in the UK and give them a chance to play alongside some of the most talented acts from around the rest of the world. Tech-Fest is a place where the bands and fans are able to integrate, network and share the passion of music together.

In July of 2016 I was blessed with an opportunity to take a trip to London.  While there, I was able to voulenteer at UK Tech Fest 2016 as a festival steward.  I spent five days on the grounds assisting the festival crew with everything from setup to teardown and everything inbetwen.  Some of the duties I took on included:

  • Prepared the festival grounds and accommodations for artists and attendees 
  • Built and organized the merchandising area for bands, sponsors, and the festival itself
  • Assisted the production team with artist check-in and arrivals
  • Maintained restricted access to VIP areas
  • Interacted with attendees to help answer questions or concerns about the event or festival grounds
  • Cleaned up the grounds and tore down post-event
  • Learned what the term 'English Summer' means